We are focused on your financial success

At The Economic Investment Firm, we resonate with your financial challenges. We’ve experienced the weight of debt, navigated the intricacies of retirement planning, and tackled the hurdles of business finances. With a history spanning 17+ years in corporate America, starting with a BA in Finance, our mission transcends mere business. We’re passionate about educating our community on financial literacy and the importance of investing.  Let us help you reach your financial goals by teaching our proven money management skills, such as how to create your savings, building a financial plan, and paying down debt while establishing your wealth management.  Allow us to empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial freedom while building generational wealth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Take a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. Why do I need accounting and tax services?

Proper accounting & tax services ensure you’re compliant with regulations and avoid unnecessary penalties. While you may feel you don’t need them, institutions like the IRS have specific requirements that can impact your financial health.

2.  Why is financial literacy important?

Financial literacy is not taught in school, church & home.  This results in poor money management, imperfect credit, and a lack of savings.  Educating you on how money works will help you feel more confident in building your financial future and family legacy.

3. Can I afford your services?

Consider the long-term costs of IRS debts, penalties, and missed financial opportunities. Investing in our services now can save you significantly in the future, ensuring a sound financial foundation.

4. Can’t I just handle this later?

Delaying financial decisions can hinder future opportunities, such as securing business loans, maximizing your tax savings and saving for retirement.  Financial institutions often require up-to-date financial reports and tax returns. Being prepared now can save you from future challenges.

5. I need to discuss this with my spouse. Is that okay?

Absolutely! We encourage joint discussions. It’s essential for all parties involved to understand their financial standing, and we’re here to provide clarity and answer any questions you both might have.

Let’s Build Your Future Together

Let us guide you towards achieving financial freedom, ensuring a legacy for your family and a stress-free life.